WSC 2017 Tournaments

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Tournament Event Name Location Date Sanction Prov WS WB BF Adapt Contact Contact Info
18CAN54 McIvor Lake Slalom Open McIvor Lake 20180825 1BC Y Cory Bate
18CAN56 Saskatchewan Provincials Saskatoon 20180824 1SK Y Y
18CAN57 NS Provincial Championships 20180826 1NS Y
18CAN58 AB Provincial Championships Shalom Park 20180826 WRLAB Y
18CAN60 Sask Fall Slalom 20180901 1SK Y Hollerbaum
18CAN67 Hot Summer Nights #6 Predator Bay, Calgary 20180821 1AB Y
19CAN01 Ski Wee Ron Andrews Pool, - VWSC 20190420 1BC Y Blair Lill (604) 306 22
19CAN02 2019 IWWF World Under 21 Waterski Championship Shalom Park 20190704 WRCAB Y Chuck Kraus (403) 689-34
19CAN04 Eastern Canadian Championships Ts Pond Port Colbourne 20190728 WRLON Y Steph Collins (905)689-342
19CAN13 Bedwell Bay Open Vancouver Water Ski Club 20190630 1BC Y Ian Macdonald (604) 788-78
19CAN14 Grasslands Open Kamloops Waterski Club 20190713 1BC Y Paul Dixon (250)682-369
19CAN20 Hot Summer Nights Predator Bay Water Ski Club 20190701 1AB Y Sherry Richardson (403)815-988
19CAN21 Stampede Showdown Open Predator Bay Water Ski Club 20190710 WRCAB Y Suzanne Velcic (403) 620-72
19CAN24 Slalom your Face Off OPEN Predator Bay Water Ski Club 20190802 WRCAB Y Suzanne Velcic (403) 620-72
19CAN25 Chuck Moore Memorial Shalom Park Water Ski School 20190720 WRCAB Y Chuck Kraus (403) 689-34
19CAN36 Ontario Season Opener T's Pond, Port Colbourne 20190614 1ON Y Steph Collins (905) 689-34
19CAN40 Canada's Capital Slalom Challenge - DAY 1 Sunset Lake Water Ski Club 20190629 WRCON Y Daniel Anderson (613) 290-12
19CAN42 Ontario Water Ski Championships McClintock's; Safari Lake 20190711 WRCON Y Steph Collins (905) 689-34
19CAN55 Canada's Capital Slalom Challenge - DAY 1 Southwood Lake Recreation Association Inc. 20190630 WRCON Y Daniel Anderson (613) 290-12
19CAN56 Father's Day Open Fraser Valley Water Ski Club 20190615 1BC Y Chris Penner (604) 807-90
19CAN57 Summer Solstice Slalom Open Kelowna Water Ski Club 20190622 1BC Y Peter Person (250) 762-02
19CAN71 Saskatoon Season Opener Saskatoon Waterski Club 20190803 1SK Y (306)220-906
19CAN72 Bronson Forest Open Bronson Forest Water Sports Club 20190713 1SK Y Boyd Hollerbaum (639)536-354
19CAN73 First Evening Jump Fest Mcclintocks Water Ski School 20190709 1ON Y Steph Collins (905)689-342
19CAN74 Championat Quebecois de ski nautique Club de ski nautique St Donat 20190712 1QC Y Jennifer Arvisais (819) 664-87
19CAN75 Atlantic Canadian Waterski Championships WSWNS - Butler Lake 20190720 1NS Y Anthony Hourihan (506) 636-11
19CAN76 SWSC Ratings Tournament SWSC - Saskatoon 20190718 1SK Y Gary Morris

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