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Tournament Event Name Location Date Sanction Prov WS WB BF Adapt Contact Contact Info
23CAN126 MB Provincials Winnipeg 20230908 1MB Y
23CAN125 PBay Hot Summer NIghts #2 Predator Bay 20230822 1AB Y
23CAN124 Season Finale T's Pond 20230908 1ON Y
23CAN123 2024 Nats Qualifier T's Pond 20230826 1ON Y Steph Collins
23CAN122 Saskatchewan Provincials Proline Lk 20230819 1SK Y Jim Clunie
23CAN121 CHAMPIONNAT QUEBECOIS St Donat 20230721 1QC Y Benoit Allard
23CAN120 Bedwell Bay Open Port Coquitlam 20230701 1BC Y
23CAN119 ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIPS New Brunswick 20230729 1NB Y Darren Kroeker
23CAN118 Jr Team Open Summerski 20230630 1ON Y Steph Collins
23CAN117 Ontario Season Opener Puslinch Lk 20230610 1ON Y Jamie McClintock
23CAN116 Fathers Day Classic Albert Dyck Park 20230617 1BC Y Cory Bate
23CAN115 Mark Stevens Memorial Puslinch Lk 20230624 1ON Y Jamie McClintock
23CAN114 Mid-Summer Nites Slalom Southwood Lake 20230712 1ON Y Dan Anderson
23CAN113 Victoria ASC Novice Shawnigan Lake 20230812 1BC Y Lee Curtis
23CAN112 BFWSC Summer Open Bronson Lake 20230715 1SK Y Mike Gadsby
23CAN111 PBay Hot Summer NIghts #1 Predator Bay 20230613 1AB Y Suzanne Velcic
23CAN110 NS PROVINCIALS Springfield Lake 20230721 1NS Y
23CAN109 BC PROVINCIALS Shumway Lk 20230714 1BC Y Cory Bate
23CAN108 BackTo Schol Slalom Sunset Lake 20230830 1ON Y Dan Anderson
23CAN107 Mid-Summer 2023 Slalom Whispering Hills 20230726 1ON Y
23CAN020 Predator Bay WRL #-Event Predator Bay 20230908 WRLAB Y Suzanne Velcic
23CAN016 AB PROVINCIALS Predator Bay 20230715 WRLAB Y Suzanne Velcic
23CAN015 Junior Team Reccord Summerski 20230701 WRLON Y Jamie McClintock
23CAN014 Capital Slalom Challenge #2 Southwood Lk 20230630 WRLON Y Dan Anderson
23CAN013 Capital Slalom Challenge #3 Sunset Lake 20230701 WRLON Y Dan Anderson
23CAN012 Capital Slalom Challenge #1 Loch Cameron 20230629 WRLON Y Dan Anderson
23CAN011 ONTARIO CHAMPIONSHIPS Wells Lake 20230714 WRLON Y Steph Collins
23CAN010 Niagara Regional Slalom Pt Colbourne 20230804 WRLON Y Steph Collins
23CAN008 Canada Day Slalom and BBQ Shalom Park 20230630 WRLAB Y Kristy Kraus
23CAN007 PBay WRL Predator Bay 20230624 WRLAB Y Suzanne Velcic
23CAN005 Jr. Canadian Open Shalom Park 20230707 WRCAB Y Kristy Kraus
23CAN004 WESTERN CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIP Albert Dyck Park 20230721 WRLBC Y Cory Bate
23CAN003 EASTERN CANADIAN WATER SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS Safari Lake 20230729 WRLON Y Steph Collins 905 689 3428
23CAN002 CANADIAN NATIONAL WATER SKI CHAMPIONSHIP Shalom Park 20230808 WRCAB Y Y Kristy Kraus 651 600 1309
23CAN001 Calgary Cup & Red Bull Pro Predator Bay 20230803 WRLAB Y Suzanne Velcic 403-620-7259
22CAN127 SWSC Endless Summer Saskatoon Ski Club 20220831 1SK Y Norm Lucas
22CAN126 PBay HSN#3 Predator Bay Ski Club 20220823 1AB Y Suzanne Velcic
22CAN125 Ontario Season Finale T's Pond 20220910 1ON Y Steph Collins
22CAN124 BC PROVINCIALS Chimney Lake 20220821 1BC Y Cory Bate
22CAN123 SK PROVINCIALS Peck Lake 20220812 1SK Y Hunter Hollerbaum
22CAN122 ALBERTA PROVINCIALS Predator Bay Ski Club 20220821 1AB Y Suzanne Velcic
22CAN121 Whispering Hills Slalom Whispering Hills 20220810 1ON Y Scott Marshall
22CAN119 BC Summer Games Ness Lake 20220721 1BC Y Cory Bate
22CAN118 Saskatoon Qualifier Saskatoon Ski Club 20220718 1SK Y Norm Lucas
22CAN117 Victoria Aqua Novice Shawnigan Lake 20220805 1BC Y Lee Curtis
22CAN116 Shalom Slalom Qualifier Shalom Park 20220717 1AB Y Kristy Nelson
22CAN115 NOVA SCOTIA Championships Lake Fletcher 20220709 1NS Y
22CAN113 Grasslands Open Shumway lake 20220716 1BC Y Paul Dixon
22CAN111 ATLANTIC Championships Butler Lk 20220716 1NB Y D. Kroker
22CAN110 PBay HSN#2 Predator Bay Ski Club 20220621 1AB Y Suzanne Velcic