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Tournament Event Name Location Date Sanction Prov WS Adapt Contact Contact Info
23CAN020 Predator Bay WRL #-Event Predator Bay 20230908 WRLAB YSuzanne Velcic
23CAN124 Season Finale T's Pond 20230908 CON Y
23CAN126 MB Provincials Winnipeg 20230908 CMB Y
23CAN108 BackTo Schol Slalom Sunset Lake 20230830 CON YDan Anderson
23CAN123 2024 Nats Qualifier T's Pond 20230826 CON YSteph Collins
23CAN125 PBay Hot Summer NIghts #2 Predator Bay 20230822 CAB Y
23CAN122 Saskatchewan Provincials Proline Lk 20230819 CSK YJim Clunie
23CAN113 Victoria ASC Novice Shawnigan Lake 20230812 CBC YLee Curtis
23CAN002 CANADIAN NATIONAL WATER SKI CHAMPIONSHIP Shalom Park 20230808 WRCAB YYKristy Kraus 651 600 1309
23CAN010 Niagara Regional Slalom Pt Colbourne 20230804 WRLON YSteph Collins
23CAN001 Calgary Cup & Red Bull Pro Predator Bay 20230803 WRLAB YSuzanne Velcic 403-620-7259
23CAN003 EASTERN CANADIAN WATER SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS Safari Lake 20230729 WRLON YSteph Collins 905 689 3428
23CAN119 ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIPS New Brunswick 20230729 CNB YDarren Kroeker
23CAN107 Mid-Summer 2023 Slalom Whispering Hills 20230726 CON Y
23CAN110 NS PROVINCIALS Springfield Lake 20230721 CNS Y
23CAN121 CHAMPIONNAT QUEBECOIS St Donat 20230721 CQC YBenoit Allard
23CAN016 AB PROVINCIALS Predator Bay 20230715 WRLAB YSuzanne Velcic
23CAN112 BFWSC Summer Open Bronson Lake 20230715 CSK YMike Gadsby
23CAN011 ONTARIO CHAMPIONSHIPS Wells Lake 20230714 WRLON YSteph Collins
23CAN109 BC PROVINCIALS Shumway Lk 20230714 CBC YCory Bate
23CAN114 Mid-Summer Nites Slalom Southwood Lake 20230712 CON YDan Anderson
23CAN005 Jr. Canadian Open Shalom Park 20230707 WRCAB YKristy Kraus
23CAN013 Capital Slalom Challenge #3 Sunset Lake 20230701 WRLON YDan Anderson
23CAN015 Junior Team Reccord Summerski 20230701 WRLON YJamie McClintock
23CAN120 Bedwell Bay Open Port Coquitlam 20230701 CBC Y
23CAN008 Canada Day Slalom and BBQ Shalom Park 20230630 WRLAB YKristy Kraus
23CAN014 Capital Slalom Challenge #2 Southwood Lk 20230630 WRLON YDan Anderson
23CAN118 Jr Team Open Summerski 20230630 CON YSteph Collins
23CAN012 Capital Slalom Challenge #1 Loch Cameron 20230629 WRLON YDan Anderson
23CAN007 PBay WRL Predator Bay 20230624 WRLAB YSuzanne Velcic
23CAN115 Mark Stevens Memorial Puslinch Lk 20230624 CON YJamie McClintock
23CAN116 Fathers Day Classic Albert Dyck Park 20230617 CBC YCory Bate
23CAN111 PBay Hot Summer NIghts #1 Predator Bay 20230613 CAB YSuzanne Velcic
23CAN117 Ontario Season Opener Puslinch Lk 20230610 CON YJamie McClintock
22CAN024 Predator Bay Season Closer Predator Bay Ski Club 20220911 WRLAB YSuzanne Velcic
22CAN109 Fall Classic Slalom Albert Dyck Park 20220911 CBC YChris Penner
22CAN125 Ontario Season Finale T's Pond 20220910 CON YSteph Collins
22CAN127 SWSC Endless Summer Saskatoon Ski Club 20220831 CSK YNorm Lucas
22CAN025 Niagara Region Slalom Champs T's Pond 20220827 CON YSteph Collins
22CAN020 Back To School Southwood Lake 20220824 CON YDan Anderson
22CAN126 PBay HSN#3 Predator Bay Ski Club 20220823 CAB YSuzanne Velcic
22CAN122 ALBERTA PROVINCIALS Predator Bay Ski Club 20220821 CAB YSuzanne Velcic
22CAN124 BC PROVINCIALS Chimney Lake 20220821 CBC YCory Bate
22CAN101 McClintocks Open McClintocks Ski School 20220819 CON YSteph Collins
22CAN123 SK PROVINCIALS Peck Lake 20220812 CSK YHunter Hollerbaum
22CAN121 Whispering Hills Slalom Whispering Hills 20220810 CON YScott Marshall
22CAN117 Victoria Aqua Novice Shawnigan Lake 20220805 CBC YLee Curtis
22CAN017 Calgary Cup Overall Predator Bay WSC 20220731 WRLAB Y

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